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Methuen drama
ISBN : 9781408136270
Methuen Modern Plays


Written by Alistair Beaton

2010 Edinburgh International Festival

The world premiere of Alistair Beaton’s new play, 'CALEDONIA', was staged at this year's Edinburgh International Festival.  It was a co-production between the EIF and the National Theatre of Scotland.

The play is an exploration of Scotland's futile attempt at establishing a colony in Panama which saw ships set sail from Leith in 1698.  The mission ended in failure with the loss of over 2,000 lives, bankrupted Scotland and led to the Act of Union.

Paul Higgins as William Paterson in Caledonia
Paul Higgins as the trader and banker William Paterson, whose vision was behind the
Darien venture in Caledonia.
Photo Credit: Mark Hamilton


Creatives: Cast:

Written by Alistair Beaton
Directed by Anthony Neilson
Composer - Paddy Cunneen
Designer - Peter Mackintosh
Lighting  - Chahine Yavroyan
Sound Designer - Nick Sagar
Movement Director - Anna Morrissey

Paul Blair, Tam Dean Burn, Cliff Burnett, David Carlyle, Alan Francis, Frances Grey, Paul Higgins, Neil McKinven, Robert Melling, Matthew Pidgeon, Morna Young.