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The Metropolitan Mikado
The Town of Mitsubishi

Performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1985


Based on Gilbert And Sullivan's The Mikado
Adapted by Ned Sherrin and Alistair Beaton
Directed by Ned Sherrin
Designer - Daphne Dare
Musical Staging - Lindsay Dolan
Musical Director - John Owen Edwards
Lighting Designer - Benny Ball
Sound Design - Paul Farrah Sound

The Prime Mikado - Robert Meadmore
Boy Ken (Mr K) - Martin Smith
Sir Ko-Ko - Simon Butteriss
Pooh Bach - Martin Connor
Sir Alistar Pish - David Firth
Sir Robin Tush - Dudley Stevens
Yum Yum - Rosemary Ashe
Pitti-Sing  - Jenny Wren
Peep-Bo - Lynne Kieran
Katisha (Mrs T) - Louise Gold

"I am the very master of the Multipurpose metaphor,
I put them into speeches which I always feel the better for,
The speed of my delivery is totally vehicular,
I'm burning with a passion about nothing in particular,
I'm well acquainted too with matters technological,
I'm able to explain myself in phrases tautological,
My language is poetical and full of hidden promises...
It's like the raging torrent of a thousand Dylan Thomases."

(with credit to "I am the very model..." from Pinafore!)