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Henry Goodman as Arturo Ui

William Guant and Henry Goodman

Joe McGann

Michael feast as Roma

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Alistair Beaton’s nifty new version, with plenty of new jokes, finds echoes in our own financial crisis. ..... an evening of genuinely epic entertainment.
Michael Coveney, What’sOnStage

Arturo Ui is a funny, sharp and thrilling take on the rise of Hitler shot through with razor-sharp wit.

Chicago in the 1930s, the Great Depression - a time of unemployment, fear and corruption, and the perfect time for a small-fry crime boss and his henchmen to make it big, to seize a greater power, an absolute power.

Arturo Ui and his mob of gangsters run protection rackets for both workers and businesses. Soon Ui’s menacing shadow looms large, from the markets, to the docks and across the city itself. You might be with him, you might be against him - it certainly seems you can’t stop him.

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui was written by Brecht in only three weeks in 1941 whilst in exile in Helsinki, Finland awaiting a visa to enter the US. The play was not produced on the stage until as late as 1958, and not until 1961 in English. In spite of this, Brecht never envisioned a version of the play in Germany, intending it for the American stage all along.

"Alistair Beaton’s nimbly revised version of George Tabori’s translation”
Sarah Hemming, Financial Times


The cast: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Alistair Beaton’s revision of the translation by George Tabori keeps the sprightly blank verse of the original with multiple Shakespearian and other echoes.
Christopher Hart, Sunday Times

Creatives: Cast:

Written by Bertolt Brecht
Revised by Alistair Beaton
Directed by Jonathan Church
Casting Director -
Gabrielle Dawes
Designer - Simon Higlett
Lighting Designer - Tim Mitchell
Music - Matthew Scott
Sound Design - Mike Walker

Henry Goodman - Arturo Ui
Michael Feast - Roma
William Gaunt - Dogsborough/Judge
Joe McGann - Giri/O'Casey
Keith baxter - The Actor
Mark Carlisle - Bowl/Ensemble/Musician
Alex Giannini - Butcher/Defence/Ensemble
Amanda Gordon - Dockdaisy/Enemble /Musician
Charlie Hamblett - Inna/Servant/ Court Physician / Enemble
Lizzie McInnery - Betty Dulfoot/Woman/ Enemble
Peter Moreton - Sheet/Fish Ensemble/ Music Associate
James Northcote - Young Dogsborough/ Ensemble
Rolf Saxon - Clark/Prosecution/Ensemble
Steve Simmonds - James Greenwood / Ensemble/Musician
Colin Stinton - Master of Ceremonies/Rag / Dullfoot/Ensemble
David Sturzaker - Givola